How It Works

DirectPay: A New Type of Payment

DirectPay is a payment mechanism that was collaboratively designed alongside individuals who have a deep, inside knowledge of preexisting debit and credit channels. These channels have been adopted by over 30 top tier banks and through these we are able to offer a new, fast, stable method of payment to merchants in niche industries. DirectPay is in eCommerce markets where traditional credit cards are not widely used.

We are the leaders in real time payment processing. With one goal in mind in providing simple yet safe payment transactions for both merchants and consumers.


How It Works

DirectPay lets your customer pay for their online purchases using their own online banking portal; securely and safely. DirectPay also eliminates the exposure of financial data to third parties. It is both quick and efficient!

For Merchants:

  • Fast and Efficient – Funds are transferred instantly and directly to your channel (meaning no intermediary banks).
  • Instant Notifications – Merchants receive notification of successful transactions in real-time.
  • Safety – Transactions are processed through real time bank protocols.
  • Simple – With a few easy instructions in your sales process your customers will be able to complete transactions in a simple and secure manner.

Expand your possibilities to your customers that prefer to pay via their bank account or who don’t have a credit card. And our guarantee is that they will love the ease of use and security of the system.

Since the system was designed strictly for “push payments” the transactions are similar to the rules and regulations relating to Wire Transfers. Your customers initiate the transaction and their bank fulfills their request therefor an “unauthorized transaction” (R10) would be  referred back to the bank that allowed their customer to send the money and the merchant is absolved. 

To keep this payment mechanism available at such a low cost in comparison to a typical “high risk” payment processor we do perform audits and health checks on our merchants to ensure security and fairness to merchant and consumer.