Check Conversion

Check Conversion and Check 21 Act

Utilizing the full benefits of the Check21 Act we are able to help businesses turn  their paper checks into electronic items for submission to their respective financial institutions for a seamless transaction at the point of sale. This is an extremely valuable tool when paired with our fraud scrubbing as merchant’s will receive, in real-time, the results of the transaction showing negative payment history among some of the top payment processors. Additionally, merchants can upload their own internal blacklist with matching variables to help enforce your internal policy of accepted customers.

Merchants will also have the added benefits of:

  • Improved checkout time
  • Check verification for account and routing number mismatches
  • Minimized paper and searchable/exportable digital check images
  • Reduced cost of returns
  • Improved cash flow with next day funding*

Typical deployment of this service requires the merchant to transmit a check image via API or through our non-deposit capture paired with an approved check scanner. Once integrated, checks can be scanned either at the time of the transaction (recommended) or in a daily batch format. When the transactions are transmitted our system takes care of the rest and turns your paper checks into an ICL file either with or without a signature from the original check. Proper verbiage is required at the point of sale to ensure the protection of the merchant and to ensure the consumers understand in which way the information being collected is used.

Interested in speaking with one of our representatives about Electronic Check Conversion? Give us a call at 877-272-7953 or head to the “Apply Now” page to get your application started. 


*Next day funding requires separate approval with the respective payment processor or check forwarder agency.