Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions that are not answered by our FAQ or that you can’t find answered elsewhere, please reach out to us at (877) 272-7953 or go our Contact page and submit your inquiry there. As a precaution, please don’t include any information that you feel may be sensitive when using our website inquiry forms since they are only encrypted to the standard of the website’s SSL.

Over 100 US banks participate with Direct Pay. That means every top-tier, by the way.

Since these transactions are 100% consumer initiated there are no chargebacks.

There are no return items. If your customer’s deposit happens, funds are 100% guaranteed. If your customer has no funds in his bank account, the transaction will be declined on the customer’s end by his bank.

Generally speaking, anywhere from less than a minute to a maximum of 5 minutes before collectable funds are in your designated bank account.

Unlike other payment mechanisms like credit card processing, ACH processing or other electronic payment forms, there are no reserves held back.

All merchants have funds available within 3 business day. In some cases, funds can be available in 2 business days.

No. Merchants from anywhere can be approved with appropriate documentation.

Generally speaking with all appropriate documentation, we can have a merchant live within 3 business days.

Yes! The sensitive data of your customer during the sales process is not stored anywhere. It is not shared with merchants or anyone else except the customers own bank. The transaction is conducted behind the security parameters of their own banking service.

Your customers will simply need to have online banking activated from their bank. Also they will need to know their banking credentials to login. Depending on the security level of the bank they may also need their smart phone to authenticate the login process.

No! This process is done through the bank account of the customer meaning no complicated registration process, no new passwords to remember and the whole process can be done in minutes.

The process is as quick as a credit card transactions. You the merchant will receive confirmation that the transaction was successful within minutes.